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You can have over 75% more stem cells than before within an hour!
A NEW discovery
The medicine of the millenium: STEM CELL THERAPY

What is a stem cell?

Stem cells are cells which are able to transform into any other type of cells with different functions. With other words we call them cells who are "capable of anything".
After conception the embryo consists of such cells which are "capable of anything," beginning from the fifteenth day of development these cells differentiate, nerve, muscle bone and skin cells will grow from them.

In childhood, in an optimal state the stem-cell number is high, but our body's stem-cell evolving ability decreases with aging due to external factors(e.g. accident, dieases). So our body's self-caring ability decreases as well. The more the number of stem-cells orbiting in the blood, the more reaches the organs so their regeneration will be faster and better.

The more stem-cells are in the blood, the better it is for the body.This is the phenomenon that is being discovered nowadays. The body keeps itself in condition and brings it into an optimal state.The more number of stem-cells help recovery better. Bone marrow stem-cells make up the body's natural renewal system.

Olimpiq Stem X Cell.
Stem cell enhancer and protector.

The first and unique natural adult stem cell enhancer, wich has got really extraordinary properties.

  • it supports the stem cell production found in the bone-marrow,
  • helps the migration of stem cells from the blood into the issues,
  • and anhances the various functions of the immune system.

It is clinically verified that with the increase of the number of stem-cells, our unoperable organs can be rebuilt and they can regain their original functions!

The OLIMPIQ STEMXCELL is a new discovery, a new product category in food supplementation!

Suggested Use: 1 times daily by mouth, take plenty of water.
First, the XCELL protective capsule should be taken, then 3/4 hours after the STEMX propagating capsule.