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Majority of people know what entropy means:
for example in case we do not clean the house, it will be less clean on the last day than on the first one.
The effort of all the materials and energies is, if left alone, to collapse and grow the disorder, spred except for the asc when the effect of an outer force overcomes.

Everything perishes in the world, if not maintainded. It is the same with our bodies. We keep fighting against entropy in our system as long as we are alive.

Embryonary stem cells are gained from embryos who were born after artifical insemination. Research on this field is prohibited in certain countries due to the protection of embryonary life and respect for its dignity. Az adult stem cells have got the same properties as the former, researches usually focus on the latter.

Adult stem cells rather in the focus of research nowadays

Adult stem cells are born in the bone-marrow, circulating in the blood-stream their function isto regenerate our organs. By the progression of aging the number of generating stem cells is decreasing significantly. The possibibilities of use of stem cells is multifunctional. That is they are able to develop into any other type of cells and they can transform. In case more stem cells are available in the blood-stream the regenarative processes of our bodies can be enhanced and the malfunction or disability of certain organs can improve. Therefore the purpose of certain "organ-repairing" surgeries is the stem cell transplantation.