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STEM X (Stem-cell enhancer)

The number of stem-cells increases with 75% within an hour!

The first and unique natural adult stem-cell multiplier, which has extraordinary characteristics.

- It nourishes the production of stem-cells in the bone marrow,
- Helps the migration of stem-cells from the blood to the tissues and fixes the various functions of the immune system.

Stem cell feeding helps to overcome aging processes by making the bone marrow produce more stem cells.

Active substances: polysaccharide, trypsin, amino-acid, fuchsine, chlorophyl, lycopene.

Supplement Facts in a daily portion
 1 capsule 2 capsules
- L-arginin
- L-glutamin
- L-asparigin

2,21 mg
3,1 mg
1,83 mg

4,42 mg
6,2 mg
3,66 mg
Polysaccharide 43 mg 86 mg
Lycomato (karotionid) 3,28 mg 6,56 mg
Fuchsine 7,9 mg 15,8 mg
Chondroitin sulfate 40 mg 80 mg