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Stem cell multiplying and defender
Blood sugar Balance

Olimpiq SL agents those natural substances, which importance of his for the quality of life of the diabetic ones they manage a role which cannot be questioned in his correction, the insurance of their balanced blood-sugar level. 

Apart from this both of the types of the diabetes resulting onto the parry of complications, the organization regeneration with the correction of his ability, the complications onto overcoming him we may turn into capable one. The stem cells capable in our organization to be transformed into cells like that, to differentiate, that the insulin is produced.

The insulin the sugar puts him being left into a cell possible one, his concentration decreases in this manner in the blood. The blood-sugar level changes. Many conditions influence the transformation of the stem cells. Single substances one at which aim was taken with a certain type cells induce his formation.

75%-kal more stem cells

The adult stem cells give our organisation's regeneration. Alone the stem cell capable any somebody else to be transformed into a healthy cell. 


The permanently tall sugar level and diabetes his complications indicate that it is given organs, the cells suffer a loss. Their regeneration decreased.
His need is just in this situation for our organization onto more stem cells.

Diabetes with a 1 type The diabetes more rarely occuring, mostly child and his kind taking shape in youth. His reason mostly at the peoples who are prone to this genetically arising autoimmune process, which destroys it, the pancreas insulin producer the cells of a beta. Following this the patient only insulin is tenable with injections in a life. Today with roughly 40-50 thousand 1 types diabetic lives on Hungary, between them cca. 2600 are the children under the 14 years.

His frequenter kind presenting himself as a head in adulthood, that in the majority of the cases likewise it hereditarily it is prone to this at peoples lifestyle problems grows. His capital reason the too abundant nourishment, the too little motion, the reduced physical activity, and the obesity deriving from these concerned the all these insulin growing on his trace resistance. After with these harmful factors increasingly often, already early we meet in childhood, not rare the twenty-something diabetes with a 2 type coming forward among young persons

Chromium the normal glucose-, insulin-, fatty acid-, to protein metabolism and the fundamental trace element which is necessary to the development of the muscles. The suitable chromium input, -disappearing and -infiltrating to the regulation of the blood-sugar level and with the insulin to the development of sensitivity, his normalisation necessary. Insulin resistance takes shape in his deficiency.