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Cosmetic Olimpiq StemXCell Gold 500ml Shower Gel Cosmetic Olimpiq StemXCell Gold 500ml Shower Gel A breakthrough in slowing the aging active plant stem-cell formula. Herbal preparations containing stem cells! No artificial fragrances, cleaning, coloring or preservatives are not included. 100% vegetable ingredients organic, chemical-free! case, and vitality. This product gently cleanses the skin while it smoothens. This revolutionary active cosmetics, anti-aging plant cells in culture, which is located: Protects the life of your skin stem cells. It delays the aging process of the skin cells. Preserves the skin's youthful appearance and vitality. Olimpiq SXC, another formula. The preparation can be found in the Olimpiq SXC active ingredients, which demonstrates the impact of scientific publications. About stem cells The age of the number of stem cells produced significantly reduced, which is the body's self-renewal capacity declines. The higher the stem cell level, the higher the regeneration of tissues.