Olimpiq SXC 200% 60-60pc (Allergy )

Olimpiq SXC 200% 60-60pc (Allergy )
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SXC DOCUMENTS 200% Olimpiq

Ingredients: 2 a ragweed (ambrosia ARTEMISIIFOLIA) NADH.

A ragweed (ambrosia ARTEMISIIFOLIA): The
Latin name a ragweed ambrosia artemisiifolia.
Ambrosia also known as the ancient gods and here were incidents nektárjaként, favorite italaként and acceptability is displayed, as the eternal life and soon there was reestablished once more the intellectual required to maintain.

In Hungary between the existing 350 weed has become the most common gyomnövénnyé. It is said to them, and weeds, this is not true.

The Parlagfűre allergic patients already can be used to prevent development of symptoms such as homeopathic preparations, in which the parlagfűből.

Crude protein content, and a harmonious amino acid composition may be found in crops.

The illóolaját than antibiotics, which are antibacterial and fungicidal compounds work.

The NADH NADH: a primary enzyme, in which the cellular metabolic processes, a biodegradable and oxidation processes, and in addition, a strong antioxidant

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