Olimpiq  StemCell Pyramid Cream 5ml

Olimpiq StemCell Pyramid Cream 5ml
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No artificial fragrances, cleaning, coloring or preservatives are not included.
100% vegetable ingredients organic, chemical-free!

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International scientific research demonstrated that the aging of skin stem cells is recovered in the cell-forming ability of plant stem cell treatments.

The epithelial layer of skin stem cells in creating new cells, through which the skin can renew.

This revolutionary active cosmetics, anti-aging plant cells in culture, which is located:

Protects the life of your skin stem cells
It delays the aging process of the skin cells
Preserves the skin's youthful appearance and vitality.

One study has shown that the topical application to the skin already after two weeks in an 8% decrease in the number and depth of wrinkles.

Four weeks after the 15% reduction in symptoms of skin aging.
Main ingredients:

Malus domestica:
This apple is known is famous for its long eltarthatóságáról without wrinkling.
Long service life due to its special composition of apples.
A rich variety of phytonutrients, proteins and differenciátlan stem cells.
Stem cells live longer on average omnipotent plant cells.

SXC Olimpiq:
The preparation can be found in the Olimpiq SXC active ingredients, which demonstrates the impact of scientific publications.

About stem cells:

as age progresses, the number of stem cells produced significantly reduced, which is the body's self-renewal capacity declines.
The higher the stem cell level, the higher the regeneration of tissues.


It stimulates the skin's cell renewal, positive effect on their life-cycle, it helps in healthy functioning.
The skin of the process of detoxification of the blood and lymphatic circulation by stimulating positive change.

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